1939-40 Catalogue 2nd edition

A three-year experiment for wind players auditioning Curtis was initiated with this catalogue, the second to be produced for season 1939-40. Now the auditionees must be able to play from memory. And there is a repertoire requirement:

  1. a concert piece (presumably one of the late 19th-century/early 20th-century works composed for the Concours at the Paris Conservatoire.
  2. a movement from a sonata or concerto (few of which were available to oboists at that time).

There is no mention of the age at audition within this catalogue and within the following one, but presumably it was still set at ‘not over 20’. For the first time, woodwind instruments are grouped together under audition requirements, and they will remain so for the next two catalogues until they are joined by the horn in the 1943-44 catalogue.

Cat 1939-40a 2nd.jpeg

Cat 1939-40b 2nd.jpeg

Cat 1939-40c 2nd.jpeg

Beginning with this catalogue, woodwind applicants had to demonstrate the ability to play from memory; this requirement was extended until the 1943-44 season. Likewise, the genre of music required for the audition is mentioned for the first time; this requirement was also abandoned that same season.

Cat 1939-40d 2nd.jpeg