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  1. Eric Barr says:

    I do not know who to thank for this superb new website, but to all concerned, you have done a magnificent thing here. I am enjoying this immensely. Eric Barr


  2. Jennifer K Weeks says:

    Wow! This is a spectacular website. Thank you to everyone who’s energy has made it come to life! I have hours of reading to do!
    Jennifer Weeks


  3. A wonderful job of assembling so much of the legendary material associated with the Master. Thank you!


  4. Around 1963, my father. Jacques Sassy purchased La Coustiero from Mr Tabuteau. The house, rather a mansion, was very big and typical of the south of France style, with green shades and orange painted walls. It had a direct access to a little creek, some 80 steps below, where you could swim in the beautiful mediterranean sea. It had a square tower and about 10 bedrooms. The land around was all pine trees, very quiet because totally remote from the closest village which is called Le Brusc. From the front of the house which is situated at the very end of Cap Sicié, you could see the immensity of the sea. Mr and Mrs Tabuteau had left two dogs, german shepperds, Boss and Derring, which were taken care of by the Jean Baglione who was the guardian of the property. Jean stayed with us for a long time, and became part of the familly. There was a big piece of furniture in one of the living rooms. It had many drawers. In one of them, as I was about eight years old and wandering around our new home, I found a baton that must have belonged to Mr Tabuteau. I was instantly convinced that music was going to be my future, and that is exactly what happened. Today, While randomly searching the internet, I found some pictures of Mr Tabuteau taken at La Coustiero and just wanted to share these very touching memories, and thank Marcel Tabuteau for insoiring me to live a life of music.


  5. After re-checking the dates, it appears that my father bought la Coustiero from Mr Tabuteau in 1959.


  6. Kevin P. says:

    Many (many!) years ago I found the 2 LP recording of Mr. Tabuteau’s lessons and excerpts at Patelson’s. i must have played it 20 or 30 times. I can’t say that I mastered the system, but I aspired to be a better player because of what I heard. This site is a welcome addition to those and other, resources. Thanks for making it available!


  7. John Mack says:

    If by chance you read this I would like to thank you for posting the interview of my father – John Mack. He is missed terribly and just know the Tabuteau stories live on at his Oboe Camp.


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