Curtis Catalogues

Marcel Tabuteau’s association with the Curtis Institute of Music began the year of the school’s inception. His name appears in the Institute’s Catalogue from the very first issue (1924-25). Pertinent information relating to Tabuteau and his teaching has been extracted from the Catalogues during the time he taught there (1925-1954). Also, Mme. Tabuteau began teaching French at Curtis beginning the 1938-39 school year continuing to 1954. This is also being shown.

1924-25 Catalogue

1925-26 Catalogue

1926-27 Catalogue

1927-28 Catalogue

1928-29 Catalogue

1929-30 Catalogue

1930-31 Catalogue

1931-32 Catalogue

1932-33 Catalogue

1933-35 Catalogue  [Two years were combined into one issue]

1935-36 Catalogue

1936-37 Catalogue

1937-38 Catalogue

1938-39 Catalogue

1939-40 Catalogue 1st edition

1939-40 Catalogue 2nd edition

1940-41 Catalogue

1941-42 Catalogue

1942-43 Catalogue: Due to financial instability, woodwinds, brass and percussion were not taught at Curtis during the 1942-1943 school year. Louise André Tabuteau continued to teach French.

1943-44 Catalogue

1944-45 Catalogue

1945-46 Catalogue

1946-47 Catalogue

1947-48 Catalogue

1948-49 Catalogue

1949-50 Catalogue

1950-51 Catalogue

1951-52 Catalogue

1952-53 Catalogue

1953-54 Catalogue

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