The Tabuteau System

The ‘Tabuteau System’ (his term) is Tabuteau’s unique method of teaching musical phrasing by first breaking down phrases into their smallest components and then rebuilding them using special mental techniques. The individuals listed below had direct contact with Marcel Tabuteau in a music-specific capacity and conveyed various aspects of the Tabuteau System in writing, orally, or by means of a tape recording. Upon clicking a name, you will be brought to a webpage containing a brief biography of that person, the Tabuteau connection, and specific information about the Tabuteau System.* If you know of others having first-hand information about the Tabuteau System who should be added to this website, please click Submissions.

*Note that there is some variance of understanding as to what Tabuteau meant in certain instances. The reader will need to determine what Tabuteau intended.

Written Notes

Concepts notated at lessons or immediately thereafter

Donald Baker

Rowland Floyd

Adrian Gnam

John Krell

Marc Mostovoy

Joseph Robinson

Laila Storch

David Dutton (In Progress)

Concepts remembered and notated at a later time

Dominique-Rene de Lerma

Donald Hefner

Joseph Robinson

James Thurmond

Tape Recordings*

Marcel Tabuteau himself

Wayne Rapier

Waldemar Wolsing

Oral Notes**

Concepts remembered and reported in interview(s) / articles

Rhadames Angelucci

Edward Arian

Robert Bloom

Abba Bogin

Orlando Cole

Norman Carol

John de Lancie

Robert Gomberg

Mason Jones

Felix Kraus

Seymour Lipkin

John Mack

John Minsker

Donald Peck

Wayne Rapier

Aaron Rosand

Louis Rosenblatt

Sol Schoenbach

Laurence Thorstenberg

Karen Tuttle

Sherman Walt

*It is important to hear Tabuteau demonstrating along with his explanations in order to fully grasp the concepts he is teaching.

**Much credit goes to Laila Storch, Donald Hefner, David McGill, Melissa Stevens, Laurie Van Brunt, and Sarah Wetherbee for their forethought in gathering direct information about the Tabuteau System from Tabuteau students and colleagues through insightful interviews, and much appreciation for allowing extracts to be presented in this section.