David Dutton


In November of 1962, David made a trip from Salzburg (where he was on the Oberlin College ‘Study Year Abroad’ program) to see Tabuteau in Nice. He made arrangements for Tabuteau to teach him and his Oberlin colleague Donald Baker for the following summer. In 1963 they made the trip to Nice absorbing Tabuteau’s ideas on phrasing. Immediately out of college, David landed the 2nd oboe position with the Saint Louis Symphony but was drafted the following year into the army band. After his stint with the army, he joined the Dallas Symphony as English horn and stayed until in 1969 when he won the first oboe position at the Spokane Symphony remained there for 12 years. He and his wife, keyboardist Beverly Biggs, are specialists in period instruments and have introduced period music to Spokane.  His original Tabuteau notes will be digitized and made available later this year on this website.