David Weber

David Weber is a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia where he studied with John de Lancie. He served as principal oboist of the Alabama Symphony from 1971 to 1993. Since then, has built a unique business dedicated to sharing his expertise in reed making with others around the world. Well-known for his highest quality professional oboe, English horn and oboe d’Amour reeds, Weber Reeds offers products and services including master classes, workshops and private personal instruction to support the reed making efforts of all discriminating oboe players. David reports the following in regards to his correspondence with Tabuteau:

During the summer of 1963, Joe Robinson, an early teacher of mine, studied with Marcel Tabuteau in Nice, France. Joe suggested that I write to Tabuteau and make personal contact. I gathered my courage and sent a package that included a letter overflowing with compliments, as well as a request for some reed cane (with a check) for a beginning oboist in the south. I also sent a few oboe reeds of my own construction along with a reel-to-reel tape of me playing the Marcello Oboe Concerto (with organ accompaniment), and part of Bach’s F Major Missa Brevis–asking for his assessment.

He very kindly replied to me in two separate letters as can be seen below. The first is in his own hand, and the second was dictated to Mme. Tabuteau and signed by him. No doubt, he played my tape on the same tape recorder that Wayne Rapier had given him to record his famous Marcel Tabuteau Lessons.

Mr. Tabuteau later sent me some tube cane, gouged cane, a shaper tip, and some of his personal reeds–a few of which are illustrated in The Reed Maker’s Manual. These letters have been an inspiration and encouraged me to pursue a career in music.

David Weber

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March 22, 1965





December 1, 1965