Jacob Lateiner

On a more serious note, Lateiner stated, “I learned more about music from Tabuteau than anyone else in my life. He was the greatest influence.” Sometimes after the school orchestra rehearsal Jacob would stay longer and play for Tabuteau the piano pieces he had learned with Vengerova. Once he asked Tabuteau about the oboe passage in the Scherzo of the Eroica. Tabuteau already had his coat and hat on and, as Jacob said, “was thinking of his beloved food waiting at home.” But he took his hat off and spent forty-five minutes explaining his phrasing. Jacob could not quite “get it” on the piano, but finally he changed a fingering that helped achieve the type of articulation Tabuteau wanted. Tabuteau exclaimed, “That’s it !!” and only then did the food win out. To Jacob, this was “an illustration of the importance of music to him. It was his religion.”- Laila Storch