James Thurmond


James Morgan Thurmond (1909–1998) had a long and varied career in both professional performance and music education. He is a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music where he studied horn with Anton Horner and ensemble playing with Marcel Tabuteau among others. While at Curtis he absorbed Tabuteau’s phrasing concepts and published a book in 1982 based on those concepts: Note Grouping: A Method for achieving Expression and Style in Musical Performance. Below, as an example, Thurmond analyzes the opening measures of Tabuteau’s recorded performance of the Handle G Minor Concerto:




The above is excerpted from: Thurmond, James Morgan. Note Grouping: A Method for Achieving Expression and Style in Musical Performance. Camp Hill (PA): JMT Publications, 1982; and Meredith Music Publications, 2000, pp. 117-119.

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