Karen Tuttle


Karen Tuttle (1920–2010) had a long association with the Curtis Institute of Music, both as a student and faculty member. She studied viola with William Primrose graduating in 1948, but taught as his assistant until 1955 during Tabuteau’s last years at Curtis. She made her New York debut in 1960 and was one of the first women to play in major string quartets. Ms. Tuttle was a chamber music pioneer as a member of the Schneider, Galimir, and Gotham string quartets. While studying and teaching at Curtis, she became an admirer of Tabuteau’s musical ideals. In 2000, Sarah Wetherbee interviewed Karen Tuttle who spoke about her application of Tabuteau’s concepts:

The following are excerpts from Sarah Maude Wetherbee’s 2002 dissertation: Marcel Tabuteau’s Influence on String Playing at the Curtis Institute of Music: a Philosophy of Twentieth-Century Performance Practice.

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