Laila Storch


Laila Storch is a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music where she studied with Marcel Tabuteau. She was principal oboist for the Houston Symphony Orchestra, Professor of Oboe at the University of Washington Conservatory of Music, a long-standing member of the Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet, and held many other distinguished positions. She has written numerous oboe related articles. In 2008 she authored the acclaimed book Marcel Tabuteau: How Do You Expect to Play the Oboe If You Can’t Peel a Mushroom?, considered one of the great music biographies of our time. Having amassed a large collection of Tabuteau material, she is graciously sharing it with the public through this website. Laila Storch discusses in great detail her work with Marcel Tabuteau and the Tabuteau System:


Studies with Marcel Tabuteau

Tabuteau System Extracts


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