Marc Mostovoy

44) Marc Portrait.jpgMarc (Sanders) Mostovoy was the Founder, Music Director and Conductor of Concerto Soloists Chamber Orchestra (now the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia) for 40 years (1964-2004). During the summers of 1962-1964 he studied with Marcel Tabuteau in Nice, France, taking extensive notes at his mentor’s request. Tabuteau’s hope was to have his musical ideas preserved and published for future generations. In 1964 Mostovoy formed the chamber orchestra for Tabuteau to conduct and to accompany him in oboe concertos with the intent of issuing recordings. Although Tabuteau’s untimely death in early 1966 prevented both projects from moving forward, Mostovoy agreed to share on this website all the information Tabuteau imparted to him. Click on any category below to access the desired material.


by Laila Storch

Purpose of the Tabuteau System

Marcel Tabuteau’s Teaching


In Tabuteau’s Own Words

Tabuteau’s Influence Beyond Curtis

by Sarah Maude Wetherbee


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Marc, upon returning from Nice, France
Posing with his parents, Ira & Floretta Mostovoy
September, 1962; Philadelphia, PA
Outside the International Airport
Photo by a bystander

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