Purpose of the Tabuteau System

[Introductory page for ‘A Resume of the Tabuteau System’]

  • To bring the elements of life, naturalness and good taste to music
  • To present and encourage the use of some relatively unexplored concepts in music performance
  • To provide musicians with the essential skills needed to shape the music as desired
  • To teach musicians how to think creatively and be witty with music
  • To instill knowledge enabling a musician’s interpretation to stand apart from others
  • To help take away monotony from music performance by giving direction and color to the musical phrase
  • To remove the element of mere chance or luck in music performance by approaching it with a much greater degree of thought and understanding
  • To eliminate the bar-line as a sign of division
  • To incorporate the ‘dance step’ into music performance
  • To bring out to the fullest what has always been there in great music while helping lesser music succeed by means of creative treatment
  • To raise the level of audience understanding and appreciation of classical music by performing only at the highest level
  • To show musicians how to practice and activate all of the above              M. M.

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