Orlando Cole

cole.jpgOrlando Cole (1908–2010) entered the first class of the Curtis Institute of Music in 1924 as a cello student of Felix Salmond and graduated in 1934. He was a founding member in 1927 of what was then known as the Swastika Quartet, but in 1932 renamed itself as the Curtis String Quartet after the school’s founder, Mary Louise Curtis. He taught cello at Curtis for over 75 years. As a student, he began attending Marcel Tabuteau’s classes in 1925, taking in his musical concepts. At an interview with Sarah Maude Wetherbee in 2000, Cole related the following about the Tabuteau System:

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The above is an excerpt  from Sarah Maude Wetherbee’s 2002 dissertation: Marcel Tabuteau’s Influence on String Playing at the Curtis Institute of Music: a Philosophy of Twentieth-Century Performance Practice.

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