Ward O. Fearn

31) Ward Fearn2.jpgWard O. Fearn was second horn of the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1942 to 1965 performing with Tabuteau for 12 years (until Tabuteau retired in 1954). Fearn was a great admirer of Tabuteau, absorbing his musical ideas and passing them on to his students. It was at Fearn’s suggestion that Marc Mostovoy traveled to France to study with Tabuteau directly. This photograph of Ward Fearn and the preceding photo of Tabuteau were given as gifts to Mostovoy by Fearn’s widow, Elaine, following the death of her husband. A handwritten note by Elaine Fearn accompanied the photos. A facsimile of her note is pictured below.


Tabuteau Letter cropped-1.jpg

Dear Marc:

Enclosed are pictures of two who played a part in your life. I hope they will find a place in your home now and perhaps pass to others whose lives are spent in the pursuit of that great art – Music.


Elaine Fearn