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https://i0.wp.com/www.bach-cantatas.com/Pic-Bio-R/Rapier-Wayne-03.jpgWayne Rapier (1930–2005) studied with Marcel Tabuteau privately in Philadelphia from 1951 to 1954 during Tabuteau’s final three years with the Philadelphia Orchestra, and twice in Nice after Tabuteau retired. Thanks to Wayne supplying his teacher with a tape recorder and microphone in Nice, Tabuteau self-recorded for posterity many of his ideas about music and phrasing. Following Tabuteau’s death in January of 1966, Wayne edited the tapes and issued them in a two-record LP set on the Coronet label titled ‘Art of the Oboe.’ In 1996 they were re-mastered and made into a CD and issued by Boston Records titled ‘Marcel Tabuteau Lessons.’ The CD, comprised of 12 lessons, is currently available for purchase on the internet. Concerning The Tabuteau System, below is the text from the liner notes by kind permission of Toni Rapier.

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Hearing Tabuteau speak and demonstrate on the CD gives considerable insight as to what ‘The Tabuteau System’ is all about. His words are transcribed below, but it is essential to hear the CD with Tabuteau playing along with his explanations in order to fully grasp the points he is making.

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