Immediate Family Genealogy

François Tabuteau-Guerineau (1851-1936), Marcel’s father; clockmaker & jeweler

Pauline Malaquin Tabuteau (1858-1945), Marcel’s mother; homemaker


Marcel Paul Tabuteau-Guerineau (1887-1965), oboist

Louise André Tabuteau (1892-1973), wife of Marcel; French teacher


Pauline Charlotte Tabuteau (known as Charlotte) (1877-?), Marcel’s older sister, married to Émile Létoffé

Émile Létoffé, husband of Pauline; violinist

Thérèse Létoffé, daughter of Pauline Charlotte Tabuteau and Émile Létoffé

François Létoffé, son of Pauline Charlotte Tabuteau and Émile Létoffé


Esther Henriette Tabuteau Auxenfans (known as Germaine) (1880-1916): Marcel’s younger sister, married to Camille Auxenfans

Camille Auxenfans, husband of Germaine Tabuteau

Suzanne Auxenfans, daughter of Germaine Tabuteau and Camille Auxenfans


André Tabuteau (1889-?), Marcel’s brother