Radio Broadcast Programs

In November of 1929, the Curtis Institute of Music began presenting a series of weekly radio broadcasts over the Columbia Broadcasting System that continued for many years. Tabuteau’s students were featured for the first time as part of the seventeenth broadcast on March 28th, 1930. Some programs were printed and are shown below. In April of 1944 through April of 1945, Tabuteau conducted for a series of broadcasts from the Westinghouse Radio Station K.Y.W. studios in Philadelphia. Those programs are also displayed below. If you possess or know of any other Curtis radio broadcast programs conducted by Marcel Tabuteau that should be added to this website, please click Submissions.


Curtis WW March 27, 1939.jpg

Curtis WW 1940.jpg



The Westinghouse Radio Station K.Y.W. programs follow:

Curtis Str April 9, 1944 KYW.jpg

Curtis Str April 23, 1944 KYW.jpg

Curtis Orch October 22, 1944.jpg

Curtis Orch November 12, 1944.jpg

Curtis Orch November 26, 1944.jpg

Curtis Orch December 3, 1944.jpg

Curtis Orch December 17, 1944.jpg

Curtis Str December 24, 1944.jpg

Curtis Str December 31, 1944.jpg

Curtis Str January 7, 1945.jpg

Curtis Str January 14, 1945.jpg

Curtis Orch January 21, 1945.jpg

Curtis Orch January 28, 1945.jpg

Curtis Orch February 4, 1945.jpg

Curtis Orch February 25, 1945.jpg

Curtis Orch March 4, 1945.jpg

Curtis Orch March 11, 1945.jpg

Curtis Str March 18, 1945.jpg

Curtis Orch March 25, 1945.jpg

Curtis Orch April 1, 1945.jpg

Curtis Str April 8, 1945.jpg

Curtis Orch April 22, 1945.jpg

The above programs were provided courtesy of the

Curtis Institute of Music.