LVB: Did Tabuteau help you with reeds?

LT: Not much. He had…I can’t remember anything, any specific thing that he told me to do about reeds.

LVB: And he just expected you to be able to come up with this great reed that was supposed to do everything on your own.

LT: Yes. He probably knew that the fellow students were usually comparing reeds and ideas and all that.

There was one student at that time, John Mack, who was doing work for him in his studio – preparing and gouging cane for him and also making reeds. John was at least some of the time making reeds or beginning reeds for Tabuteau. And I don’t know if Tabuteau ever used them or whatever, but I’m sure that John learned something from him. And he did tell us, at least me, some of the things that he learned. So, I got some ideas that way, indirectly. But, Tabuteau himself, I don’t know if he ever said really anything specific about reeds – how to scrape them, how long to make them, or anything.