Oboe and Piano


Tabuteau performed the following works for his exams at the Paris Conservatoire. The dates are noted.

November 13, 1902 (audition): Paladilhe, Émile. Solo de Concours pour Hautbois et Piano.

Early 1903 (exam): Vogt, Gustave. 4ème concertino pour hautbois avec accompagnement de piano (2nd & 3rd mvts. – Adagio & Finale).

June 22, 1903 (final exam): Comtesse de Grandval, Marie.  Concerto pour Hautbois, Op. 7 (1st mvt. – Allegro moderato).

July ?, 1903 (concours): Dallier, Henri. Fantaisie-caprice pour Hautbois et Piano; (Sight-reading piece unknown)

January ?, 1904 (exam): Busser, Henri. Pièce en si bémol, Op. 22.

June 21, 1904 (final exam): Colin, Charles. Grande fantaisie concertante, Op. 47.

July 28, 1904 (concours): Diémer, Louis. Legende, Op. 52; Diémer, Louis. Moderato (Sight-reading piece); 1st Prize in Oboe.

Tabuteau’s additional performances with piano:

May 26, 1906. New York Symphony Concert at Willow Grove: Gaubert, Philippe. Deux Pièces pour Hautbois et Piano (1st mvt. – Romance).

March 26, 1943. Music Guild of Philadelphia. Fine, Vivian. Sonatina for Oboe and Piano.

March 26, 1943. Music Guild of Philadelphia. Handel, George Frederick. Oboe Concerto in G Minor.