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Upon clicking a link below, you will be brought to an article (or access to it) referencing Marcel Tabuteau and/or his teaching. Those listed as ‘Anon.’ are not attributed. Certain articles have been excerpted to be Tabuteau specific. Articles are listed chronologically.

Anon. Compiègne. Annuaire des Artists. (Paris, 1905): 894.

Anon. “The New School of Musical Art.” The New Music Review. Vol. 4, No. 45 (August 1905): 380-381. Tabuteau referenced on p. 380.

Anon. “A Wind Instrument Player’s Club.” The New Music Review. Vol. 5, No. 49 (December 1905). Tabuteau referenced on p. 586.

Anon. “Curtis.”  Musical Digest. (December 8, 1925).

Anon. Curtis Institute Advertisement. The Etude. (April 1936).

Anon. “Tabuteau Honored by French Government.” Musical Courier. (December 15, 1937).

Anon. “Oboist Enters the Legion of Honor.” The Etude. (April 1938): 218.

Anon. “At Curtis Institute Great Teachers Nurture Talent.” Life Magazine. (December 12, 1938).

Anon. “Tabuteau Soloist with the Orchestra.” (October 20, 1939).

Anon. “Orchestra’s Tabuteau Is Oboe Soloist – Tabuteau Mozart Quartet.” (October [third week], 1939).

Anon. “Music: A Little Garlic.”  Time Magazine. (November 20, 1939).

Anon. “Marcel Tabuteau Honored by French Government“. The Journal of the Philadelphia Orchestra (c. 1940): 47.

Anon. “Phila. Orchestra Members Follow Many Hobbies“. The Journal of the Philadelphia Orchestra (c. 1940): 823, 826. Tabuteau referenced in paragraph 5.

Anon. “Next Week’s Soloists“. The Journal of the Philadelphia Orchestra (c. 1940): 774. Tabuteau referenced in paragraph 2.

Mencher, Steve and Singer, Rosanne. “Fifty Years of American Orchestras.” Symphony Magazine. (July-August 1942). Tabuteau referenced on pp. 80, 86.

Anon. “King of the Reeds.” Time Magazine. (March 8, 1943): 32.

Anon. “The Philadelphia Orchestra; Résumé of the Season 1946-1947“. The Journal of the Philadelphia Orchestra (1946): 3. Tabuteau referenced in paragraph 4.

Anon. “Picture Story behind the Baton.” Coronet Magazine. (March 1946).

Collis, James. “Marcel Tabuteau.” Woodwinds (February 1948): 12.

Anon. “Tabuteau Directs Curtis Ensemble.” Woodwinds (May 1948): 17.

Shulman, Harry. “Guide to a Flexible Tone.” Woodwind Magazine. Vol. 2 (June-July 1950): 4-5, 16. Tabuteau referenced in paragraph 5.

Storch, Laila. “Unforgettable Festival at Prades.” Symphony Magazine. (July-August 1950). Tabuteau referenced in paragraph 7, 9.

Anon. “New Records.” Time Magazine, (January 8, 1951). Tabuteau referenced in paragraph 3.

de Lerma, Dominique-René. “A Few Basics in Phrasing Part 1.” Woodwind World. Vol 5, No. 6 (February 1953): 4-5. Tabuteau credited in Part 2.

de Lerma, Dominique-René. “A Few Basics in Phrasing Part 2.” Woodwind World. Vol 5, No. 7 (March 1953): 6-7. Tabuteau credited under de Lerma’s photo at the conclusion.

Kaufman, Albert. “Woodwind Profile: Marcel Tabuteau.” Woodwind World. (June 1953): 9.

Collis, James.  “Marcel Tabuteau Retires.”  Symphony Magazine. Vol. 8, No. 9 (1954): 9.

Anon. “Au Revoir et Bon Voyage.” (February 4, 1954).

Goll-Wilson, Kathleen. “First Flute for 39 Years, an Interview with Donald Peck.” The Instrumentalist. (May 1966): 12-17. Tabuteau referenced on p. 15, 17.

de Lerma, Dominique-René. “Phrasing: A Matter of Feeling.” Woodwind World. Vol 12, No. 9 (1967): 6-8. Tabuteau’s concepts, but he is not referenced.

de Lerma, Dominique-René. “Request for a Scholarly Study of Reedmaking.” Woodwind World. Vol 12. (September-October 1967): 4. Tabuteau referenced in paragraph 2.

Hedrick, Peter. “Some Reflections on American Oboe Playing.” Symphony Magazine. (December 1972): 10, 22. Tabuteau referenced on pp. 10, 22.

*Sundet, Jerald. “Léon Goosens– Master Oboist.” School Musician Director. Vol. 45 (1973): 22-25.

de Lerma, Dominique-René. “Toward a Concept of Tabuteau’s Phrasing.” The Instrumentalist. Vol. 28, No. 8 (1974): 44-45. Tabuteau referenced throughout.

*Zetzer, Stuart and June. “A Pictorial Essay on Hans Moennig.” The Clarinet. (Winter 1983).

Gould, Gordon. Ray Still — Chicago [Magazine] Interview. Chicago. (September 1986).

Robinson, Joseph. “Oboists, Exhale Before Playing.” The Instrumentalist. (May 1987): 23-27. Tabuteau referenced throughout.

Loewy, Andrea Kapell. “Musical Concepts of Marcel Tabuteau.NACWPI Journal. Vol. 37, No. 2 (Winter 1988-1989): 13-16.

Cowan, Robert. “Historical–Germanic Celebration.” BBC Magazine. Vol. 6, No. 12 (1996): 86.

King, Douglas. Letter to the Editor: Great Oboists. The Gramophone. (August 2005): 21.

Herbine, Lois Bliss. “The Phrasing Styles of Kincaid and Tabuteau.” Flute Talk. (November 2005): 22-25.

Herbine, Lois Bliss. “William Kincaid and Marcel Tabuteau: A Legendary Collaboration.” Flutist Quarterly. Vol. 31, No. 2 (2006): 46-51.

Rider, Wendell.  “Creative Musical Phrasing.” Journal of the International Horn Society. Vol. 38, No. 2. (2008): 1-4. Tabuteau referenced on p. 1.

Chan Grabell, Joyce. “Forward Motion: Teaching Phrasing Using Marcel Tabuteau’s Number System.” Journal of the American Viola Society. Vol. 29, No. 1 (2013): 33-38.

Bilger, David. “Inside the Orchestra Section: Playing by the Numbers.” ITG Journal.  Vol. 40, No. 3  (2016): 61-63.

*Reprinted in IDRS publications