Great Oboes of the Twentieth Century: The Collaboration of W. Hans Moennig and Marcel Tabuteau

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by Shelly Sublett and Alvin Swiney

IDRS magazine Vol. 22 No. 1

In addition to the tuning of the oboe, Mr. Tabuteau insisted on having an instrument that was hermetically sealed for maximum response. To check the air seal of the oboe, Mr. Moennig would hold the top joint in playing position. By wedging his right forefinger in the upper tenon socket and fingering G, he would place his lips on the reed well and pull an air vacuum. He would finger G-sharp and begin timing the suction by counting the number of seconds before the G-sharp pad key would spring open. Mr. Tabuteau insisted that the G-sharp pad key remain closed for a minimum of thirty seconds.