Newspaper Articles

Some of the newspaper articles below (listed chronologically) were submitted without publication, date, or author identification. Once known, the information will be updated. The longer articles have been edited to be Tabuteau specific.

“M. Tabuteau Gets Ribbon for his Oboe.” Schloss, Edwin. Philadelphia Inquirer. 1937.

“Tabuteau to Get Legion of Honor Ribbon.” Philadelphia Record. October 13, 1937.

“Oboist Claims He Decomposes Music.” Baltimore Evening Sun. November 4, 1937.

“Tabuteau Honored by French Government.” Musical Courier. December 15, 1937.

“Leading Double Lives — and How.” Philadelphia Inquirer. November 19, 1939.

Tabuteau with Orchestra.” Philadelphia Bulletin [probably]. 1944.

Music: Mainly About Bach.” Philadelphia Inquirer [probably]. c. 1943-1947.

“The World of Music: Pilgrimage to Prades.” Parmenter, Ross. New York Times. April 23, 1950.

Oboist to Retire, Return to France to Live.” Philadelphia Bulletin. February 10, 1954.

*“A Great Artist’s Legacy Is Often Those He Has Taught.” Felton, James. Philadelphia Bulletin. March 4, 1979.

*“Oboists Pay Homage to Tabuteau.” Singer, Samuel. Philadelphia Inquirer; March 4, 1979.

*”Farewell to the Master Leaving his Musical Mecca.” Webster, Daniel.  Philadelphia Inquirer. July 10, 1983.

Mallard Fillmore.” Tinsley, Bruce. King Features Syndicate. c. 1994.

Classical Music; At Peace in the Lonely Realm of the Oboe.” Oestreich, James. New York Times. July 9, 1995. Tabuteau referenced in paragraphs 23-27, 29, 42.

Musicality by the Numbers.” Pasles, Chris. Los Angeles Times. March 30, 2008. Tabuteau referenced throughout.

*Reprinted in IDRS publications