Unknown Recipients

TABUTEAU Marcel O (4).jpg
The photo above was taken at Rembrandt Studios, a leading photography firm located in Philadelphia PA during Tabuteau’s time. Probably taken in the late twenties, he must have favored this photo since autographed copies appear from time-to-time.
Principal players in the Philadelphia Orchestra. Tabuteau is in the back row on the right. The photograph was taken in the early 1920s. Jerry Pierce Collection on Daniel Bonade, International Clarinet Association Research Center, Special Collections in Performing Arts, University of Maryland.
(L-R) William Kincaid, Daniel Bonade, Walter Guetter, Joe Wolfe, Marcel Tabuteau
First Chair woodwinds of the Philadelphia Orchestra during the 1929-1930 season
Photograph by Kubey-Rembrandt Studios; Philadelphia, PA
A humorous parody of the preceding photograph