Interview Transcriptions

Below are 15 Tabuteau-specific excerpts taken from transcripts of interviews given by some of his Philadelphia Orchestra colleagues in the early 1990s that focus on Eugene Ormandy. They were recorded and transcribed by Sharon Eisenhour for the Eugene Ormandy Collection at the University of Pennsylvania and provided courtesy of the Kislak Center for Special Collections in the Rare Books and Manuscripts section of the Van Pelt Library.

John de Lancie

Edward Arian


Norman Carol


SE:  Was Ormandy intimidated by some of the orchestra’s musicians?

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Anthony Gigliotti

SE: What about the principal clarinetist,  Daniel Bonade?


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Harry Gorodetzer

SE: When you joined the orchestra, were there still some original members present?


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SE: Was there a difference between the Stokowski and Ormandy sounds?

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SE: Do the new players sound similar to their predecessors?


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Gilbert Johnson

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Mason Jones

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John Krell 


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Donald and Margherita Csonka Montanaro

SE: Could you talk about  Ormandy as regards the pitch of the orchestra?

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Lorne Munroe

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Sol Schoenbach

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Roger Scott

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SE: Could you say something about Ormandy’s beat?


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William Smith

SE: Could you say something about Stokowski’s greatest orchestra members?

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Vladimir Sokoloff

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Diana Steiner

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