Audio and video interviews of musicians who speak first-hand about Marcel Tabuteau

The following musicians interacted with Marcel Tabuteau and reported their experience(s) via the audio or video interviews accessible below. Upon clicking a name, you will be brought to a webpage containing a brief biography of the interviewer and/or the interviewee(s), and a link to the interview itself.

The Laurie Van Brunt Audio Interviews of: John de Lancie, John Mack, Wayne Rapier, Rhadames Angelucci, Laurence Thorstenberg, Robert Bloom, Donald Peck, and Sherman Walt

Iso Briselli:  Audio interview by Marc Mostovoy

Alfred Genovese and Harold Wright: Video interview by David McGill

Arthur Grossman: Audio self-interview

Marion Jalbert (Norcross): Audio interview by Marc Mostovoy

John Minsker: Video interview by Robert Huffman

Barbara (Bobbi) Goldberg Moskow: Video interview by the Curtis Institute (CurtiStory)