Marcel Tabuteau was not a prolific letter writer. Typically, designated students or Mme. Tabuteau penned his correspondence while he was active in Philadelphia. Sometimes his letters were dictated and at other times he directed his ‘current secretary’ to craft a reply. During the summer months and after he retired to France, he tended to write more of his own correspondence.

Listed below are recipients of Marcel Tabuteau letters that were written in his hand or dictated and signed by him. Correspondence initiated by Mme. Tabuteau is also included. By clicking a recipient’s name, their letter(s) will appear. If you possess or are aware of other authentic Tabuteau letters that should be included on this website, please click Submissions.

Daniel Bonade

‘Little Girl’

John and Anne Mack

Felix and Jane Hill Meyer

Marc Mostovoy

Joseph Robinson

Elaine Shaffer / Efrem Kurtz

Frank Stalzer

Laila Storch

David Weber