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Born in Geneva, Switzerland, clarinetist Daniel Bonade (1896-1976) won the Premiere Prix at the Paris Conservatory in 1913 at the age of 18. In 1916, he was offered the principal clarinet position of the Philadelphia Orchestra under Leopold Stokowski where he performed with Marcel Tabuteau. Bonade played in the orchestra until 1930 (except for a two-year hiatus). Considered to be one of the great clarinet teachers of his time, Bonade taught at the Curtis Institute of Music with Tabuteau from 1925 to 1940. He and Tabuteau were close friends as evidenced by the letter below. This is the earliest correspondence we have in Tabuteau’s hand. Note the postscript in Bonade’s hand that reads in translation: Written by the great artist, Marcel Tabuteau, a most-marvelous oboist and my great friend. D. B.

 Friday c. 1919

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English Translation by Michael Finkelman.

Friday [c. 1919]

Dear Friends, [Daniel and Maud Bonade]

I found some quiet in this little hotel. The fishing leaves a lot to be desired (but could change) and the cooking as well! Come (visit) soon. Another thing: since yesterday, bad weather, but it’s nothing a good leg of lamb wouldn’t cure.

Let me know the time of your arrival.

Very sincerely,

M. Tabuteau

[in Bonade’s hand:]

[Written by] the great artist Marcel Tabuteau, the most marvelous oboist, a great friend

D[aniel] B[onade]

THE SHORE, a rooming house at 3400 Central Avenue (owned by Miss Mary Shore) was located to the far left in this 1903 map of Ocean City,  quite some distance from the center of town. Nonetheless, the Atlantic City Railroad (Reading Company), after crossing the meadows, made its way up the island from that very southerly point, so Tabuteau could have easily detrained at the small station on 34th Street rather than riding all the way into the primary station at 10th Street.

Tabuteau and the Bonades can be seen together in a photograph taken in Ocean City, NJ in 1919: https://marceltabuteau.com/side-bar-pages/photo-gallery/recreational/

Tabuteau can been seen in three photos taken in Ocean City in August 1916 where, as he reported to Stokowski earlier in March, he had to take on additional work to supplement his Philadelphia Orchestra salary. https://marceltabuteau.com/souvenir-photos/

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Published in Philadelphia by Frank H. Taylor, c. 1903

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