Photo Gallery

Photographs of Marcel Tabuteau have been assembled on this website for public access. Listed below are categories of photographs with Tabuteau’s image, or photos that directly relate to him. Some photos fall under more than one category but are generally pictured once. The majority have been submitted by Laila Storch and Guy Baumier (Tabuteau’s great-grandnephew) from their archives, with Marc Mostovoy, Arthur Grossman, Danna Sundet*, David Weber** and the Curtis Institute of Music*** providing many others. New photos and precise captions are being added periodically. The images include photographic prints as well as reproductions used in various print publications. Many photographs are under copyright, so be sure you are granted permission before copying. If you possess, or are aware of photographs showing images of Marcel/Louise Tabuteau that could be added to this website, please click Submissions.

*From the John Mack Collection

**From the John de Lancie Collection gifted to David Weber

***From the Marcel Tabuteau Collection (MSS 12): Curtis Institute of Music Archives

Formal Portraits

Family Photos

Military Service

Souvenir Photos

Marcel and Louise Tabuteau

With the Oboe

Playing the Oboe (Singly)

As Soloist

In the Philadelphia Orchestra (Full Ensemble)

With Philadelphia Orchestra Colleagues

Adrian Siegel: Concerto for Camera

With Other Musicians

Casals Festivals

Lorée Related


Selecting Cane

The Curtis Institute of Music

Philadelphia Teaching Studio

Laila Storch’s Photos in France

Arthur Grossman’s Photos at La Coustièro

Marc Mostovoy’s Photos in Nice


News/Printed Photos



Tabuteau Room at Curtis

Marcel Tabuteau 
© Photo by Ward O. Fearn

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