The Curtis Institute of Music

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In the earliest years of the Curtis Institute orchestra, certain positions could not be assigned to the students for performances because they had not yet attained the proficiency required by their conductor, Leopold Stokowski. As a remedy, Stokowski pressed some members of the Philadelphia Orchestra into service including Tabuteau. In the above photograph, Tabuteau can be seen to the right of the conductor, on top and slightly to the right of the first harp’s crown (see closeup below).

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Marcel Tabuteau, Conductor, with the Curtis Institute Orchestra and
Members of the Philadelphia Orchestra; KYW Studio; Philadelphia, PA
April 22, 1945; Photo by Tyler Fogg.


Marcel Tabuteau with several of his students on the steps of the Curtis Institute of Music in 1949. L-R: Louis Rosenblatt, Laurence Thorstenberg, Laila Storch, John Mack, and Walter Bianchi. Photo by Daniel Sagarman.


Marcel Tabuteau backstage giving last-minute instruction to three violinists

334 Marcel Tabuteau conducting wind class circa 1948.JPG

Marcel Tabuteau conducting a woodwind ensemble
The Curtis Institute of Music; Philadelphia, PA; 1953

The following photographs of Marcel Tabuteau were taken by bassoonist Arthur Grossman who attended the Curtis Institute of Music from 1952 to 1955. They were taken at Curtis in January or February 1954 shortly before Tabuteau retired. The Tabuteaus departed for France on February 26th, 1954.

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The three photos below provided courtesy of Kristina Wilson, Archivist at the Curtis Institute of Music



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Five photos of Marcel Tabuteau by Fritz Henle, four of which appeared in the December 12, 1938 issue of Life Magazine


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Layout of the full page in Life Magazine



The above photos from Life Magazine December 12, 1938, were given to David Weber during his student days at Curtis Institute of Music (1966-1970) by Howard Ferguson who was Assistant Librarian at Curtis.


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