Early Family Photos

TABBY Early_0002.jpg

The Tabuteau Family
Compiègne, France; mid-1890s
Marcel third from left

family playing (poor).jpg

An early group photograph showing Marcel playing violin (second from right).

Marcel w. violin Left.jpg

Marcel Tabuteau playing violin
His brother, André, playing clarinet
Their niece, Thérèse, playing mandolin
Compiègne, France; 1898

Violin T on right.jpg

A variation of the photo above

Marcel and Andre age 10.jpg

André (brother) and Marcel Tabuteau
Compiègne, France; ca 1898


Marcel Tabuteau at his First Communion


With Family Members
Marcel second from left
Compiègne, France; early 1900s

Tab at 15.jpg

Marcel Tabuteau at age 16
Compiègne, France; 1903

Family in garden.jpg

Tabuteau Family Photo
Compiègne, France; early 1900s
Marcel second from righ


Seated (l to r): Georges Gillet, Tabuteau’s oboe teacher; Charlotte,
Tabuteau’s older sister; Émile Létoffé, Charlotte’s husband.  Standing (l to
r): Mme. Gillet; Francois, Tabuteau’s father; Marcel’s brother, André. (see Where’s Marcel under ‘New Insights’).

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