In New York

The gouging machine made for Tabuteau by his father, François. Tabuteau’s sister, Charlotte, and her daughter, Thérèse, look on. Thérèse, born in 1895, appears to be about 15 years old in the photo, which would put its date at about 1910 at which time Tabuteau was playing in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.


The gouging machine made c. 1910 by François Tabuteau for his son, Marcel. During the years 1908-1914, Marcel Tabuteau was playing the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

In Philadelphia

Tabuteau checking the alignment of the blade in his gouging machine in his studio on Ludlow Street. Photo by Adrian Siegel.
Tabuteau gouging cane in his studio on Ludlow Street. Photo by Adrian Siegel.
Tabuteau scraping a reed in his studio on Ludlow Street. Photo by Zev Pressman, Philadelphia Orchestra Archives.
sc00166c49 (3).jpg
Tabuteau posing for the camera, scraping on a reed
Tabuteau scraping on a reed backstage at the Academy of Music

In France

oboister 006 (6).jpg
Tabuteau working on two oboe upper joints
Tabuteau checking the alignment of an oboe
sc002f97da (4).jpg
On the table to the left is an interesting bell that Tabuteau is about to try on his oboe. Is this the bell that had been made for Tabuteau by Marigaux, and was later altered by Tabuteau who scraped on its interior to modify the tone and pitch of certain notes on the instrument?
Tabuteau at La Coustièro aligning his oboe.

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