Lorée Related

A concise history of the Lorée Oboe, written by Laila Storch, is contained in the 1981 Journal of the International Double Reed Society: 100 Years of F. Loreé: 1881-1981.

Marcel Tabuteau with Lucien Lorée in 1936. The latter, together with the input of Georges Gillet, Tabuteau’s teacher,  created the famous Lorée plateau Systeme 6bis in 1906.


In Dubois’ garden at Varenne. 1936. L. to R.: Lucien Lorée, Marcel Tabuteau, Madame Dubois, Robert de Gourdon, Raymonde de Gourdon, and Madame Pauline Lorée.  Robert de Gourdon, who worked at the Lorée factory, eventually took over the manufacturing of the Lorée oboe. His son Alain followed.


Raymond Dubois, who followed Lucien Lorée as head
of the factory, here acts as judge for Tabuteau and Lorée in a mock fencing match.

Moennig-Philly Inquirer 7:10:83.jpeg

Hans Moennig, the woodwind artist-technician in Philadelphia, who worked hand-in-hand with Tabuteau in keeping his Lorée oboes in excellent playing condition.


Hans Moennig in his workshop at 15 South 21st Street in Philadelphia. Courtesy Philadelphia Inquirer, published 7/10/83.

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