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Early photograph of Tabuteau with Walter Damrosh and the New York Symphony. Tabuteau is pictured just to the left of the conductor.
Marcel Tabuteau at his first Philadelphia residence in West Philadelphia with an unidentified friend
Tabuteau in front of La Pingouinette at Cape Sicié France–probably in the early 1930s
Tabuteau on RMS Queen Mary during the heyday of trans-Atlantic travel by ship. The Queen Mary is now permanently moored in Long Beach CA.
Tabuteau in Philadelphia c. 1935
Marcel Tabuteau in the 1930s
Welcome Home Dinner given for the Philadelphia Orchestra, Leopold Stokowski, conductor. May 19, 1934 at the old Penn Athletic Club in Philadelphia
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Detail of the previous photo showing Marcel and Louise Tabuteau
Tabuteau in the early 1940s.

In France at La Coustièro

Tabuteau at La Coustièro in 1956: ‘A toast’
TABBY Early_0027.jpg
Tabuteau posing in 1957 at his home (La Coustièro) with the requisite German Shepherd dogs, these by way of the influence of his oboe teacher, Georges Gillet. Photo by Claus Johansen.
Tabuteau at La Coustièro with his dogs, Boss and Daring
Tabuteau relaxing at La Coustièro, in the late 1950s.

Tabuteau at La Coustièro in the 1950s with one of his German Shepherds.
Tabuteau at La Coustièro
Tabuteau taking a walk near La Coustièro
Louise Tabuteau posing by a window at La Coustièro in the 1950s.
A candid photo of Louise Tabuteau at La Coustièro in the 1950s
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Tabuteau at La Coustièro (1950s) with a local curé from Le Brusc
Variation of the above photo
A group photo at La Coustièro in the 1950s. (l to r) Oboe student, Marjorie
Jackson; unidentified couple; Mme Tabuteau (seated); Marcel Tabuteau;
brother Andre Tabuteau; unidentified youth; Tabuteau’s two German Shepherds
(up front).

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