In the Philadelphia Orchestra (Full Ensemble)

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Tabuteau (with mustache) in his first season with the Philadelphia Orchestra, sits in back of the harmonium player; March 1916.


March 20, 1919 (?); The Philadelphia Orchestra performing in the State Representatives Chamber of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Close-up taken from the previous photo. Tabuteau can be seen sitting between and in front of the second and third bassoon. The oboe section includes a fourth player.


April 22, 1925 (?); Leopold Stokowski, conductor

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Close-up taken from the previous photo. Marcel Tabuteau is front row-left.


Leopold Stokowski on the famous silver podium with the Philadelphia Orchestra – 1939.  Tabuteau sits in the front row, third from the right, in this unusual stage setup.

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1945-46 season with Eugene Ormandy, conductor



1945-46 season: Eugene Ormandy conducting a work for soloist, chorus, and orchestra.


Eugene Ormandy conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. The oboes are sitting to the right of the flutes.  In front of the oboes one can see an additional flutist.


Tabuteau is clearly visible above the violinist on the far left.


Eugene Ormandy rehearsing the Philadelphia Orchestra. Tabuteau and Kincaid are clearly visible right of center.

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Close-up taken from the previous photo.


The Philadelphia Orchestra rehearsing

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Close-up of Tabuteau taken from the previous photo


Eugene Ormandy conducting a rehearsal of the Philadelphia Orchestra with John de Lancie as assistant 1st oboe. September 30th, year unknown.

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Close-up taken from the previous photo


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