With Other Musicians


September 1922.  This photo taken at the Berkshire Festival of Chamber Music (3rd item down on link) includes: Arthur Lora, flute–Metropolitan Opera; Georges Grisez, clarinet–Philadelphia Orchestra; Anselme Fortier, double bass–New York Philharmonic; Marcel Tabuteau, oboe–Philadelphia Orchestra; August Mesnard, bassoon–New York Symphony Orchestra;  George Wendler, horn–Boston Symphony Orchestra.


Marcel Tabuteau and Arturo Toscanini during a rehearsal.



Variant of the photo above

Tabby and Toscanini.jpg

Variant of the above


In Tabuteau’s apartment at the Drake, 1945:
Standing, L to R: Samuel Lifschey, principal viola, PO; William Kincaid, Harl McDonald, manager, PO; unidentified sailor; Albert Tipton, asst. 1st flute, PO (then in the U.S. Navy).
L-R front row: Louise and Marcel Tabuteau with Doris and Pierre Monteaux. Photo by Adrian Siegel.

Joe and Tabby

Joseph Robinson with Marcel Tabuteau in Nice during the spring of 1963. Photo courtesy Joe Robinson


Marcel Tabuteau with Wayne Rapier in Nice during the early 1960s.  Photo courtesy Toni Rapier


Flutist, Elaine Shaffer, with the Tabuteaus on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice (February 1965)
Photo by Efrem Kurtz
Courtesy of Beverly Shaffer Gast


Variant of the photo above

Eugene Ormandy, Fritz Kreisler, and Marcel Tabuteau at a Philadelphia Orchestra rehearsal in 1942. Photo by Adrian Siegel.

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