With Philadelphia Orchestra Colleagues



Standing (l to r): Ferdinand Del Negro, bassoon; Marcel Tabuteau, oboe; Anton Horner, French horn;
Seated: (l to r): Rufus Arey, clarinet; William Kincaid, flute
Formal photograph in 1923 by Kubey-Rembrandt Studios, Philadelphia. Photo courtesy Dr. Jacques Budin


Tabuteau with William Kincaid, principal flutist

Ormandy, Eugene, Kincaid, William and Tabuteau, Marcel .jpg

Eugene Ormandy, William Kincaid and Marcel Tabuteau

Kincaid @ Tabuteau  tour Phila. Orch.  1930's.jpg

Marcel Tabuteau with William Kincaid on tour with the Philadelphia Orchestra in the 1930s.


L-R: John Minsker, Louis di Fulvio, Marcel Tabuteau, and William Kincaid. From John de Lancie’s personal collection, which he kept on his wall in his home.  The photograph was given to David & Vendla Weber by Mrs. Andrea de Lancie, June 2002.


L-R: Eugene Ormandy, William Kincaid, Marcel Tabuteau, John de Lancie, and Sol Schoenbach. The photo is from John de Lancie’s personal collection.  Given to David & Vendla Weber by Mrs. Andrea de Lancie, June 2002. Photo by Adrian Siegel

323 Sol Schoenbach, M. Tabuteau, Mason Jones, Ralph McLane.jpg

Marcel Tabuteau speaking with (read: laying down the law to) his younger colleagues L to R: bassoonist Sol Schoenbach (crook in bell), horn player Mason Jones, and clarinettist Ralph McLane.  The photo was taken during rehearsal for the 1948 performance of Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante. The actual composer of the well-known work is still unknown.


Marcel Tabuteau with John Minsker during a rehearsal


William Kinkaid (flute) and the oboe section L-R: Marcel Tabuteau, John de Lancie, Louis di Fulvio John Minsker


Marcel Tabuteau in the oboe section during a rehearsal.

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