Marcel Tabuteau had a distinguished 50-year professional performing career; 39 of those were with the Philadelphia Orchestra. He was featured soloist with the Orchestra in a relatively small amount of repertoire, but a number of those pieces were performed multiple times.  He was also featured with other orchestras including those conducted by Pablo Casals in France and the Bethlehem Bach Festival Orchestra in Pennsylvania. Tabuteau performed in chamber groups over the years as well, but again, on a limited basis (see ‘Other’).   Upon clicking a link below, programs that cite Marcel Tabuteau in a featured capacity, or programs containing pieces with major solos where his name is not specifically mentioned, will appear in chronological order. If you possess or are aware of other programs highlighting Marcel Tabuteau that could be added to this website, please click Submissions.


The Philadelphia Orchestra

Casals Festivals

Bethlehem Bach Festival Orchestra


Tabuteau’s responsibilities at the Curtis Institute of Music mainly involved teaching, coaching and conducting. Printed programs relating to him can be accessed below.

Curtis Institute Programs