Curtis Institute Programs

Surprisingly, Marcel Tabuteau never performed in recitals at the Curtis Institute of Music where he taught. The only times he participated as an oboist was as a ‘ringer’ in the student orchestra in the very earliest years of Curtis’s existence. However, Tabuteau’s name always appears in printed programs when he conducted his Wind / String Ensembles at Curtis; occasionally when his students performed in other Curtis programs and ‘run-outs’; on radio broadcast programs he conducted; and, as previously mentioned, when he played in the student orchestra early on.

The wind ensembles that he coached and conducted (string ensembles were added in later years) performed one program a year at Curtis for most years from 1930 to 1953. Concerts were all given in Casimir Hall (renamed Curtis Hall in the mid-1940s) except for occasional ‘run-outs’ and certain radio broadcasts that were performed elsewhere. His annual Casimir / Curtis Hall concert programs are presented below, followed by other Curtis programs crediting Tabuteau as teacher; ‘run-out’ programs of his student ensembles; radio broadcast programs he conducted; programs showing Tabuteau in the student orchestra early on; and finally, commencement programs listing his graduating oboe students.

Annual Casimir / Curtis Hall Concert Programs

Other Curtis Programs Crediting Tabuteau

‘Run-Out’ Concert Programs  

Radio Broadcast Programs

Programs Listing Tabuteau in the Student Orchestra

Commencement Programs

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