Casimir / Curtis Hall Programs

Tabuteau’s concerts were given in Casimir Hall (renamed Curtis Hall in the mid-1940s) from 1930 to 1953 except for special radio broadcasts which were performed elsewhere. The Casimir / Curtis Hall programs are presented below:

Curtis 1.jpg

Curtis 2.jpg

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Curtis 6.jpg

No concerts directed by Marcel Tabuteau were presented during the 1933-34 school year.

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Curtis WW 1936.jpg

Curtis WW 1937.jpg

Curtis WW 1938.jpg

During the 1938-1939 school year, Tabuteau presented his Woodwind Ensemble in a radio broadcast on March 27th, 1939 (see Radio Broadcast Programs).

Curtis WW April 19, 1940.jpg

Curtis WW 1941.jpg

Curtis WW 1942.jpg

Due to financial instability, woodwinds, brass and percussion were not taught at Curtis during the 1942-1943 school year. For the 1943-44 and 1944-45 school years, Tabuteau conducted a series of radio broadcasts (see Radio Broadcasts Programs).

WW & Str April 18, 1946.jpg

WW & Str May 9, 1947 (1).jpg

WW & Str May 9, 1947 (2).jpg

WW & Str May 9, 1947 (3).jpg

WW & Str April 20 1948.jpg

WW & Str April 21, 1949 (1).jpg

WW & Str April 21, 1949 (2).jpg

WW & Str April 21, 1949 (3).jpg

WW & Str April 19, 1950.jpg

WW & Str April 18, 1951.jpg

WW & Str April 23, 1952.jpg

WW & Str March 27, 1953.jpg

The above programs were provided courtesy of the

Curtis Institute of Music.