Relevant Videos/Websites

Due to Marcel Tabuteau’s profound influence on classical music performance in America during the twentieth century (and beyond), there has been much written about him and his ‘Method.’ Listed below are a number of videos/websites/Facebook pages that address various aspects of Tabuteau and his teaching. Click on the links provided and you will be brought to that site. If there are other Tabuteau-related sites that you believe should be added here, please click Submissions so we may update the list.

The Lasting Influence of Marcel Tabuteau

Clarinet Central Blog

Marcel Tabuteau-Making Oboe Reeds

John de Lancie Barret Master Classes

Eugene Ormandy Family Home Movies: Film 46

Marcel Tabuteau (1:01-1:34); Louise Tabuteau (1:34 & 3:59)

Oboe Excerpts from the Orchestral Repertoire: Oboe part, position in the full score, and multiple recordings