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Due to Marcel Tabuteau’s profound influence on classical music performance in America during the twentieth century (and beyond), there has been much written about him and his ‘Method.’ Below are videos and websites that refer to various aspects of Tabuteau and his teaching. Click where indicated for access. If there are other Tabuteau-related sites that you believe should be added here, please click Submissions so we may update the list.

Videos 1 and 2 are interviews by Lora Lynn Snow of Theodore Heger, one of Tabuteau’s last oboe students at the Curtis Institute of Music. Heger presents an historical overview of the musical era in the United States during the period when Marcel Tabuteau was playing in the Philadelphia Orchestra and teaching at Curtis. Specific references to Tabuteau occur on the first video at the times indicated below:

31:19 through 54:02

1:05:10 through 1:12:00

1:14:12 through 1:18:04

In the second video, Heger discusses reed-making in the ‘American Tradition’ as established by Tabuteau and his colleagues in the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Video 3 is by bassoonist, Terry Elwell. He uses numbers, as did Tabuteau, to teach his method of musical phrasing. Tabuteau is referenced at 2:07.

Video 4 is an interview of clarinetist Stanley Drucker by Mitchell Estrin. Drucker was a student in Tabuteau’s wind ensemble classes at the Curtis Institute in the early 1940s. References to Tabuteau begin at 10:06.

Video 5 is an interview of David Fedderly by Michael Grose.  Fedderly studied Tuba with Arnold Jacobs who was a student in Tabuteau’s wind ensemble classes at the Curtis Institute in the 1930s. References to Tabuteau are found from 18:22 through 24:59.

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