Marcel Tabuteau taught in Philadelphia at the Curtis Institute of Music and privately. Before and during his retirement, he accepted students in France on an occasional basis. Listed below are those who studied oboe with Marcel Tabuteau. If you are aware of omissions or needed corrections, please click Submissions so we can update the information.


The date(s) following each name indicate the year(s) of study at Curtis.

Rhadames Angelucci, 1931-1936 (Diploma)

Paul Bartholomew, 1928-1930

Perry Bauman, 1936-1941 (Diploma)

Walter Bianchi, 1948-1949

Robert Bloom, 1928-1931 (Diploma)

Don Cassel, 1935-1936

Frederick Compton, 1927-1928

William Criss, 1941-1942

Stewart Davis, 1953-1954 (partial year)

Robert Davison, 1939-1942

John de Lancie, 1936-1940 (Diploma)

Donald (Dominique-René) de Lerma, 1949-1950 (partial year)

Sidney Divinsky, 1929-1932

Charles Edmunds, 1944-1948

Leo Esral, 1934-1935

Martin Fleisher, 1935-1938 (Diploma)

Livingston Gearhart, 1935-1937

Alfred Genovese, 1950-1953 (Diploma)

Charles Gilbert, 1936-1940 (Diploma)

Bernard Raphael Glaser, 1925-1929

Isadore Goldblum, 1930-1933

Harold Gomberg, 1929-1935 (Diploma)

Ralph Gomberg, 1937-1941 (Diploma)

Donald Hefner, 1952-1954

Theodore Heger,* 1952-1954

Robert Hester, 1928-1931

Wilbur Isaac Hilles,*1951-52

Edmund Jurgensen, 1935-1936

Richard Kantor, 1953-1954 (Diploma in 1957 under John de Lancie)

Robert Kosinski, 1935-1938

William Kosinski, 1935-1937

Felix Kraus, 1950-1952

Abraham Krupnick, 1927-1928 (partial year)

Marc Lifschey, 1946-1948 (Diploma)

Abe London, 1932-1936

Joseph Lukatsky, 1936-1937

John Mack, 1948-1951 (Diploma)

Arno Mariotti, 1930-1934

John Minsker, 1931-1935 (Diploma)

Victor Molzer, 1938-1939

Charles Morris, 1940-1942

Thelma Neft (Geller), 1939-1942

Llewellyn Reynolds, 1925-1926 (partial year)

John Rigano, 1930-1931

Louis Rosenblatt, 1948-1951 (Diploma)

Martha Scherer (Alfee),* 1943-1947 (Bachelor of Music)

Guy Shortz, 1925-1926 (partial year)

Harry Shulman, 1934-1937 (Diploma)

Adrian Siegel, 1925-1927 (partial 2 years)

Marguerite Smith (Anderson), 1943-1946

MacLean Snyder, 1939-1942

Laila Storch (Friedmann),* 1943-1945 (Diploma)

George Thomas, 1947-1948

Laurence Thorstenberg,* 1947-1950 (Bachelor of Music)

Lloyd Ullberg, 1925-1928

Kenneth Van der Heuvel, 1939-1940

William Vitelli, 1935-1939

(57 total)   *Living

The above information was kindly provided by Kristina Wilson,
Archivist at the Curtis Institute of Music.


List does not include Curtis students who also studied privately
The date(s) following each name indicate the year(s) when lessons were taken. Some dates are approximate since no official records were kept.

William Arrowsmith, mid-1940s

Donald Baker* [France], summer 1963

Richard Blair, early 1950s

Joan Browne (Shallin), 1952-?

Raymond Dusté, during WW II

David Dutton* [France], summer 1963

Rowland Floyd [France], autumn — winter 1965

Bert Gassman, mid-1940s

Adrian Gnam* [France], summer 1965

Jorgen Hammergaard [France], summer 1963

Earnest Harrison, 1951-1954

Erik Hovaldt [France], summer mid-1950s

Marjorie Jackson [France], 1950-?

Philip Kirchner, after 1910-?

Nick Lannutti, 1930s

David Ledet, early 1950s

Robert Lehrfeld, during WW II

David McGuire* [France], fall 1963 — spring 1964

Marion Norcross,* 1954

Jane Pearce (Bauer), 1949

Bernie Poland, mid-1940s

Lewis Raho, ca. 1918-?

Wayne Rapier [USA] 1951-1954; [France] two summers in the early sixties

Joseph Robinson* [France], summer 1963

Clyde Roller, 1937

Grover Schiltz, 1953

Earl Schuster, 1941-1945

Ernest Serpentini, 1917-?

Julien Shanis, 1923

Frank Stalzer [France], 1954-1955

Daniel Stolper,* 1950-1952

Paul Tofte-Hansen [France], summer mid-1950s

Waldemar Wolsing [France], summers 1950 & 1953

Robert Zupnik,* during WW II

Marc Mostovoy* [France], summers 1962-1964 (Conducting)

(34 total)     *Living

The above information kindly provided by Laila Storch


Additional Curtis Information


ca. 1925



Tabuteau’s weekly teaching schedule at Curtis (see below) shows the number of oboe students he taught each year and the length of lessons.

Tabby at Curtis 2.jpg
Marcel Tabuteau Collection (MSS 12), Curtis Institute of Music Archive

In addition to his oboe students at the Curtis Institute, Tabuteau coached and conducted wind ensembles, string ensembles, the Curtis orchestra, and more. The chart below shows his teaching/coaching schedule for various groups.

Tabby at Curtis 1a.jpg

Tabby at Curtis 1b.jpg

           Marcel Tabuteau Collection (MSS 12), Curtis Institute of Music Archives

For further Curtis information see: Curtis Institute of Music: History