Marc Mostovoy

At the conclusion of my last lesson with Tabuteau in the summers of 1962 and 1963, he gave me a pen & ink sketch by an artist friend whose name escapes me after so many years. (If anyone can identify the artist, it would be appreciated.) Pictured below are those two artworks with a copy of the inscriptions he wrote on the reverse.  M. M.

T1.jpgPhotographed by C. Harry Knowles



T2.jpgPhotographed by C. Harry Knowles


As a matter of interest, below is pictured a cancelled check I wrote to the Marcel Tabuteau Memorial Fund in October of 1967, the year following Tabuteau’s death. It was set up by a number of Mme. Tabuteau’s Philadelphia friends “to provide scholarship and grant–in-aid for talented oboe students” at the Curtis Institute. M. M.

IMG_20190105_0001 (dragged).jpg