Tabuteau’s Reeds/Oboes

The information contained in the following links was compiled from the oboists listed below.

Tabuteau’s Creation: The ‘American-Style’ Reed

Tabuteau’s Gouging Machines and Process

Tabuteau’s Lorée Oboes

How Tabuteau’s Reeds/Oboes Impacted Pedagogy

AG: Adrian Gnam

DB: Donald Baker

DH: Donald Hefner

DW: David Weber

JD: John de Lancie

JM: John Minsker

JMk: John Mack

JR: Joseph Robinson

LS: Laila Storch

LVB: Laurie Van Brunt

MS: Melissa Stevens

MT: Marcel Tabuteau

RA: Rhadames Angelucci

RF: Rowland Floyd

WR: Wayne Rapier