Submission Credits

Listed below are the names of those kind individuals who contributed new information to this website beginning July 2nd, 2017, followed by the submission date and what was submitted. All readers with new or corrected information are encouraged to email Charles Lehrer at (see Submissions). Full credit will be given. Thank you!

Danna Sundet (November 11, 2019) for submitting a letter from Louise Tabuteau to John Mack and his wife, Anne, in 1967, the year following Marcel Tabuteau’s death; and for multiple subsequent submissions from the John Mack Collection.

Guy Baumier (October 23, 2019), the great-grandnephew of Marcel Tabuteau, for submitting a series of souvenir photographs sent by Tabuteau to his niece, Thérèse Létoffé, in France during the years of 1915-16; and for his subsequent submissions of additional Tabuteau materials.

Douglas B. King (July 25, 2019) for submitting a Letter to the Editor about Marcel Tabuteau that he wrote to Gramophone magazine published in August of 2005.   

Charles “Chip” Hamann (July 20, 2019) for submitting four photographs of a Tabuteau reed from 1965 that was gifted to him by Rowland Floyd.

Doug Ramsdell (June 28, 2019) for submitting a photograph (via the Facebook page of ‘OBOE – The Lasting Influence of Marcel Tabuteau’) of Tabuteau playing music by Virgil Thomson in a 1948 recording session for the film Louisiana Story.

Jacqueline Kovach (April 26, 2019) for submitting via Michael Finkelman a formal photo of Marcel Tabuteau that appeared in an advertisement for the Curtis Institute of Music in The Etude Music Magazine from 1936.

Lois Bliss Herbine (March 22, 2019) for submitting her article ‘William Kincaid and Marcel Tabuteau: A Legendary Collaboration’ that appeared in Flutist Quarterly (winter 2006).

Melissa Stevens (March 3, 2019) and the National Flute Association for giving permission to include on this website her interview of John Krell that appeared in The Flutist Quarterly in 2001.

Laurie Van Brunt (February 4, 2019) for her submission of eight audio interviews (plus transcriptions) of Tabuteau students she taped in the 1970s; and to her husband, Theodore Schoen and son, Daniel Schoen, for their technical assistance in preparing the tapes for this website.

Dr. Stephen Margolis (November 24, 2018) for bringing to our attention the Tabuteau material contained in the first edition of The Victor Book of the Symphony that can now be accessed on this website under ‘Books.’

Lola Soulier (October 21, 2018) for photographing and forwarding additional Casals Festival programs from the collection of Laila Storch and Martin Friedmann that included Marcel Tabuteau.

Beverly Gast (September 5, 2018) for submitting Tabuteau related material from the archives of her late sister, flutist Elaine Shaffer, for inclusion on this website.

Bernard Sassy (September 2, 2018) for submitting information about La Coustiero (Tabuteau’s summer home in the 1950s) that his father purchased from the Tabuteaus in 1959.

Lois Herbine (July 11, 2018) for submitting her article ‘The Phrasing Styles of Kincaid and Tabuteau’ that appeared in Flute Talk (November 2005) for inclusion on this website.

David McGill (May 15, 2018) for confirming that he conducted the 1993 video interview of Alfred Genovese and Harold Wright and giving his permission to post it; and to Arthur Grossman for informing us of the interviewer’s identity.

Barbara Stalzer Pineda (May 3rd, 2018) for making available to us Tabuteau’s correspondence to her father, Frank Stalzer; and to Fred Capps for ascertaining the existence of these letters.

Anthony Checchia (April 30, 2018) for submitting the video interview of Alfred Genovese and Harold Wright for this website, and Dr. Stephen Margolis for bringing the existence of the interview to our attention.

Russell Wilson (April 24, 2018) for locating a newsprint photo (of which we were unawares) showing Tabuteau with three of his orchestra colleagues; and Adrian Gnam for bringing this newsprint version to our attention for the website.

Jacqueline Kovach (April 9, 2018) for submitting a facsimile of Tabuteau’s letter to “Little Girl” that came from the estate of her late cousin, oboist Ezra Kotzin.

Robert Huffman (February 6, 2018) for submitting his video interview of John Minsker for posting on this website.

Joseph Robinson (December 21, 2017) for sharing a letter he wrote to his parents on March 30, 1963, describing his first encounter with Marcel Tabuteau in Nice; and for his subsequent submission of original Tabuteau correspondence.

Robert Huffman (December 5, 2017) for alerting us to his John Minsker article (with interesting Tabuteau material) that appeared in The Double Reed in 2008.

Douglas B. King (September 17, 2017) for his earlier suggestion to add the Satie and Eichheim excerpts to this website.

Adrian Gnam (September 1, 2017) for sharing photos of the oboe gouging machine, shaper, tube cane triangle cutter, and four oboe reeds given to him by Marcel Tabuteau.

Linda Wood (August 24, 2017) for providing two Tabuteau related articles by Dominique-René de Lerma in Woodwind World Magazine, and locating some articles for this website.  

Mary Dawson (August 18, 2017) for providing the January 12, 1948 Philadelphia Orchestra Pension Foundation program featuring Marcel Tabuteau in the Qui Sedes Ad Dexteram Patris from Bach’s B Minor Mass.  

Arthur Grossman (August 11, 2017) for sharing additional Tabuteau photographs, two new Tabuteau stories, and submitting three voice recordings of Tabuteau memories.    

Pamela Ajango (July 29, 2017) for sharing her photographs of ‘le Tombeau de Tabuteau’ (Landmarks).

Douglas B. King (July 22, 2017) for providing the press photo of Marcel de Verneuil, French Consul in Philadelphia, pinning the medal of the Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur on Tabuteau.

Slavko Popovic (July 9, 2017) for providing the 1948 broadcast performance of the Sinfonia Concertante.

Douglas B. King (July 6, 2017): for pointing out that we needed to post the November 16th, 1940 Curtis radio broadcast program with Tabuteau conducting.

Adrian Gnam (July 5, 2017) for contributing the following additional information: Tabuteau always played roulette at the casinos and he almost always lost. [Adrian was there!]